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You should be going to matchavez.com as this is not where I update.  🙂


Seriously.  If I ever get cheap, I’ll come back here.  But basically, wordpress.com is kind of a rip.  Don’t get me wrong; they seem to do good things for their customers, but those customers don’t manage websites.  They just want a blog, and for everything else to just happen behind the scenes.

I’m actually a fan of that, but you only get wordpress that way.  I’ve started outgrowing shared hosting even, and have spread my wings into Amazon EC2.  If you want a blog with total control, your own domain, way more space, and excellent performance (I’m looking at you, NoDaddy), you’ll just need to check out my How-To.  It’s over at my main page.

Otherwise, you’ll see the feed of stuff over there –>

See you over at the real site.  No, I’m not paying $12/year.  Just click the link.  🙂

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